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Summa Rehab Hospital

Summa Rehab Hospital
Summa Rehab Hospital Vibra Healthcare
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Summa Rehab Hospital

Dedicated Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation in Akron, OH

Summa Rehab Hospital, a partnership with Vibra Healthcare, provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to patients recovering from injury or illness. Our hospital contains 60 private beds where patients receive dedicated care from their licensed therapist. Additionally, every patient has access to a private bathroom, large indoor and outdoor therapy training areas, bedside dialysis, and the cafeteria.

We have worked to cultivate a safe, cheerful environment where patients can feel motivated to take these final steps towards recovery. Our compassionate and professional staff provide round-the-clock care throughout the facility.

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Elevating Patient Care.

We have been accredited by both the Joint Commission (TJC) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Summa Rehab Hospital is the only Inpatient Rehab Facility in Summit, Portage, and Stark Counties to have all four specialty programs accredited through CARF.

Our licensed therapists are dedicated to helping patients relearn skills lost through injury or illness and can successfully accommodate the individualized therapy needs of each patient.

Our facility provides a safe, cheerful environment where patients benefit from our compassionate and professional around-the-clock care.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Creating Your Personalized Rehab Program

Every patients’ experience in rehab is different. Our team carefully assesses a patient’s condition and learns more about their lifestyle in order to create a customized treatment program. We help patients re-learn skills through individualized therapy that was designed to meet their unique needs. Our on-site radiology suite allows us to take imaging tests to monitor progress, and a convenient in-house pharmacy makes it easy for patients to get their medication. From the minute you walk through our doors, our team will be ready to assist you however they can.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Summa Rehab team.

  • Myra

    “Myra is an Akron area nurse who was walking her dog at Sand Run Park when she had an accident. The dog went one way and she went the other, injuring her leg in the process. She spent several months working through the pain while trying to figure out what was wrong with her leg. It was finally discovered that she would need ...”

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  • Eddie M.

    “Edwin “Eddie” Miller was involved in a surreal motor vehicle accident in 2011 that left him with a brain injury, blood on the brain, broken neck, broken collar bone in two pieces, both arms broken badly, three lumbar fractures, fractured pelvis, bruised kidney and spleen, a badly broken leg, and two collapsed lungs. He was ...”

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  • Marie

    “Marie is a member of the clergy and has visited many different facilities to visit patients. Marie has chronic pain and severe scoliosis. She has battled with this pain through multiple surgeries at differing rehab facilities. Marie had her third spinal surgery completed a few weeks ago. At that time she chose to admit to ...”

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  • Elizabeth

    “Elizabeth lives in California. She was excited to fly to Hudson, OH to attend her daughter’s wedding. She had landed safely and traveled to her daughter’s favorite restaurant in the Cleveland area. Elizabeth suffered a severe stroke shortly after entering the restaurant. Her daughter discovered her and from there she was ...”

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  • Bill and Karen

    “Bill and Karen Wolfe live in Oregon. They bought an RV so they could enjoy their retirement and travel the country. They left from Oregon and stopped in Vegas, Denver, St. Louis, and Nashville before they arrived in Akron, OH to visit Bill’s brother. Upon arriving in Akron, Karen suffered a left hemi paralysis stroke with ...”

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  • Mary E.

    “Mary Ellen lives in Stow and has 6 brothers and sisters. They gather at her mother’s house every Sunday for a big family meal. There are typically 36 people in attendance for that meal. Mary Ellen was admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital with a left total knee replacement. She battled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a previous ...”

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  • Bob

    “Bob had quadruple bypass heart surgery in August of 2017, and the surgeons discovered an issue with his gall bladder. Due to rupture complications from the gall bladder, he had several emergent surgeries, in which he flat-lined two times, and needed numerous tubes placed. He originally chose Summa Health for his cardiac ...”

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  • Ally

    “Ally was simply walking down her stairs when she had an accident. She fell from the top of the steps all the way to the bottom. She was home alone and it was ten minutes before anyone knew she was in trouble. Ally was found lying at the base of the stairs with blood coming from both of her ears. Her dear friend took her to ...”

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  • Tom

    “Tom was a professional meat cutter, so throwing around sides of beef was a common everyday occurrence for him. But all the heavy lifting and bending for all those years took a toll on Tom’s spine. He found that things he used to do with no problems were becoming more and more difficult, so he had surgery to repair the ...”

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  • Russell S.

    “Russell woke up realizing something was definitely different than when he went to bed. Panicked and on his way to the hospital, he learned that he had suffered a stroke while he slept and lost mobility on his right side as a result. Following his acute care stay, Russell chose Summa Rehab Hospital. He chose Summa because he ...”

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  • Darrell S.

    “Darrell is a 28-year-old, hard-working father of three small children. He had an accident on his youngest daughter’s birthday that landed him in the hospital. The accident left him with head trauma, hearing loss, inability to walk, headaches caused by bright lights, and short-term memory loss. Consequently, Darrell’s world ...”

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  • Claudia

    “In June, Claudia awoke to severe chest pain. Her doctor had previously told her that she would need to have bypass surgery in the future. She was taken to Summa Akron City Hospital where she was put under the care of Dr. Espinal. He performed a quadruple bypass surgery on Claudia. Claudia was anxious about where she would ...”

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  • Hollis

    “About 4 weeks ago Hollis was on his way home when he was in a motor vehicle accident. He was in the backseat of a friend’s car looking at his phone when the car crashed and started flipping. The car rolled seven times before it stopped with him half in the car and half under the car. Hollis suffered a broken spine and a ...”

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  • Ben

    “Ben is a 36-year-old father of three and husband to his loving wife, Nou. Ben suffered a stroke on 11/3 and lost the use of his right side. Nou identified the signs and symptoms of stroke right away and called an ambulance. When asked which hospital she wanted to take her husband to, Nou steadfastly proclaimed Summa Health. ...”

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