Summa Rehab Team

Our Team of Caring Professionals

An interdisciplinary team approach is crucial to an effective rehabilitation program. Our team of professionals understands a wide variety of multi-faceted, complex disabilities and each member contributes unique services to the rehabilitation process. Our work is devoted to assisting and educating our patients to become more independent, to improve their self-esteem and to improve functional ability. Our team includes:
  • Physiatrists and physician specialists in rehabilitation medicine direct the patient’s overall care on the unit and order all therapies, equipment and medications needed for rehabilitation. Other specialists are also involved to provide management and follow-up of any active medical or surgical problems while the patient is on the unit.
  • Rehabilitation nursing assists with the integration of care to maximize your functional independence.
  • Physical therapists help strengthen muscles to improve balance, coordination, and walking.
  • Occupational therapists assist with improving patients’ coordination and daily activities such as grooming, dressing, and eating.
  • Speech therapists identify and treat problems with swallowing, speech/language and cognition (memory). They provide functional retraining for thinking skills and screen for hearing loss.
  • Clinical psychologists assist in the emotional adjustment to disability and illness.
  • Clinical dieticians may address any identified nutritional needs.
  • RN/case managers assist with discharge planning and provide counseling to aid in the area of adjustment to disability and illness.

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