Tom was a professional meat cutter, so throwing around sides of beef was a common everyday occurrence for him. But all the heavy lifting and bending for all those years took a toll on Tom’s spine. He found that things he used to do with no problems were becoming more and more difficult, so he had surgery to repair the repetitive injuries to his spine and then chose to come to Summa Rehab Hospital.

Tom could not walk or stand at all when he was admitted to Summa Rehab, and now, in a very short time, he is up walking with a walker and standing by himself with very minimal assistance.

He credits the therapy team with helping to get him back up on his feet. Tom said, ”it is so hard to really just say one name and single anyone out, they have all done such a wonderful job helping me, encouraging me and making sure I stay mentally focused on getting better every day." Tom states that “the therapy team was very diligent with my therapies and they would encourage me to go as far as I could go, but they did it in a way that made me want to do it, and that made me want to do more each day."

Tom has had an excellent experience here at Summa Rehab Hospital and said, “Everyone is nice, they do a great job, and they are highly motivational; I would recommend Summa Rehab to anyone with intensive therapy needs."

Tom was very happy to have this picture taken of him standing on his own after just a few short weeks of spinal cord rehab. Summa Rehab Hospital was able to help Tom get back to better and return home after his spinal cord injury.