Russell S.

Russell S.

Russell woke up realizing something was definitely different than when he went to bed. Panicked and on his way to the hospital, he learned that he had suffered a stroke while he slept and lost mobility on his right side as a result.

Following his acute care stay, Russell chose Summa Rehab Hospital. He chose Summa because he heard what a great job we do with stroke patients. Russell is a community business owner. He was very concerned with returning to work not only in the shortest amount of time, but in the best condition.

Russell said the best thing about Summa Rehab Hospital is that “everyone helps to maintain a positive attitude." He noted, "the food is good, the nursing care is great, the therapists are incredible. They all push you to help you stay motivated but they don’t push too hard, they are very encouraging.”

Russell was also impressed that he was not doing repetitive therapy sessions. He said, ‘My therapy has changed everyday and has evolved as my needs have evolved.” He added, “I am so glad I chose to come here. The therapists always treat me professionally and they really know what they are talking about, most of them have a [doctorate] in therapy. Summa Rehab has the best people and technology available in my opinion.”

“People rise to the level of expectation you give them," said Russell. "The therapists set that bar high from Day One and they worked with me until I was able to achieve that level.” Russell joked that he was being treated so well at Summa Rehab that he would sell his house and move in permanently. We're proud to say he is on his way back home and getting back to better everyday!