Janice has worked in healthcare for the past 20 years. The last six, she has been a dining service manager at an assisted living facility. She loves her work and takes pride in being able to serve her assisted living population good wholesome foods.

She was leaving work on a Friday afternoon and Janice will tell you that, “she felt a little funny that evening," but continued past the hospital on her way home. She woke up Saturday not feeling like herself, and thinking she just didn’t sleep well the night before. So she decided to relax Saturday and take it easy. But she wasn’t feeling well all day. Sunday morning came and she says that, "a voice told me to go to the hospital right away.”

And it is a good thing Janice listened and went, because she had had a stroke. Not only did she have that stroke but the doctors at UHPMC found that she had two other strokes a few months earlier. Now Janice was not able to write with her right hand or use her right side.

After she was stabilized and diagnosed at UHPMC, she decided to come to Summa Rehab Hospital for intensive stroke therapy. Janice has the will and desire to get back to doing what she loves doing, and to make that happen as fast as she possibly can.

"Every single person in this hospital has been very pleasant to me and they have done an excellent job," Janice says. "With me being in the healthcare field for so long I have been thoroughly impressed with the care I have received here at Summa Rehab Hospital."

Janice says that she is focused on what she can do everyday, she does not focus on what she can’t do. Janice will tell you that she has loved all the extras she has received since admitting to Summa Rehab Hospital. She enjoyed the live guitar playing while she was in the therapy gym working on getting better, and she loved the WAG time therapy dogs; who actually gave her their own business cards. “The extras always seemed to come just when I needed a little pick me up," Janice says.

Janice is walking, climbing steps and using her right hand to write again, and is very excited to go home and see her own dog while she continues to get better and focus on the things she can do.