Betty June moved into the Danbury Assisted-Living facility one year ago. She decided to move into Danbury because of the frequent falls she was having while living at home independently. Still, Betty June focused on the things she loves; her passion for sewing and making quilts. Her son Chris visits often and on one occasion he noticed she looked like she did not feel well. Her son took her to the doctor who informed her she may be having a stroke and sent her to the Emergency Room. Tests revealed she did have a stroke and it affected her dominant right side, her speech and swallowing. Betty June was going to need intensive therapy to regain her independence. Betty June states she was unable to stand by herself, and her son Chris could not understand a word she said. She was referred to Summa Rehab Hospital for intensive stroke rehabilitation. Betty June credits her determination and the capable hands of her therapists for her amazing recovery. The therapists would repeatedly correct her, saying “Don’t slide your feet, pick them up.” The persistence of Betty June and her therapy team helped her walk out of Summa Rehab Hospital after only a couple of weeks practicing on and utilizing a walker. Betty June states “All the therapists were real good”. Her speech therapist, Sarah helped Betty June with dysphagia, (which is difficulty swallowing). Sarah utilized evidence based exercises which have been found to have a tremendous success rate when rehabilitating patients with dysphagia. Sarah also helped Betty June with her speech and now everyone, including her son, Chris can clearly understand her. Chris states, “Summa Rehab Hospital is an amazing place” and “they did a remarkable job for my mother”. Betty June is now back home at Danbury Assisted Living. She proudly displays her sewing machine and the new purple quilt she is working on. Since the stroke affected her dominant right hand, Betty June practices writing in a notebook and her penmanship is clearly legible. Summa Rehab Hospital strives to help patients like Betty June get back to better every day!

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