Eddie M.

Edwin “Eddie” Miller was involved in a surreal motor vehicle accident in 2011 that left him with a brain injury, blood on the brain, broken neck, broken collar bone in two pieces, both arms broken badly, three lumbar fractures, fractured pelvis, bruised kidney and spleen, a badly broken leg, and two collapsed lungs. He was 19 years old. Eddie was in a coma for 6 months and had been to a long-term acute care hospital in Akron for his first phase of recovery. He progressed as much as he could, making stops all along the continuum of care until he got back home. Due to his overwhelming support system including his family and community Eddie began doing much better. Eddie was admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital from home. When Eddie was admitted he was walking 20 feet and required four people to help him. At the end of his stay at Summa Rehab Hospital Eddie was walking 150 feet with a walker and minimal assistance. Leroy Miller, his father, said that his stay at Summa Rehab Hospital was “excellent” and “he could not say enough good things about the therapists, the medical director Dr. Jeffrey Sanderson, and the hospitality shown to Mr. Miller and his family.” “My wife has been here everyday with my son and we never had an issue with being involved in my son’s care”, “it hasn’t been like that everywhere we have been, and we really appreciate it”, Mr. Miller said. “ My son has done so much better since coming to Summa Rehab Hospital, he can do things now that he wasn’t able to do a short time ago when we had him at home, and my wife and I have learned different ways to help our son complete things and care for his needs”, Mr. Miller said. Summa Rehab encourages family members and loved ones to participate in the therapy sessions so that the patients, as well as caregivers, are well versed in keeping the patient safe along the road to rehabilitation. When Eddie admitted to Summa Rehab it took four people to assist him in getting up out of bed or out of the chair, upon Eddie’s discharge he was able to do 98% of the transfer by himself, needing only one person to assist him. Esther Miller, Eddie’s mom, was very happy to have been a part of the therapies. She said, ”We are very thankful for the staff and the training we have received here and would recommend Summa Rehab Hospital to anyone who would ask. My son has done so much better and I have seen progress in his abilities everyday”.

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