Marie is a member of the clergy and has visited many different facilities to visit patients. Marie has chronic pain and severe scoliosis. She has battled with this pain through multiple surgeries at differing rehab facilities. Marie had her third spinal surgery completed a few weeks ago. At that time she chose to admit to Summa Rehab Hospital for her recovery. Marie is so incredibly excited about the progress she has made since her admission. She said that she is walking better today than she has in the last few years! Marie had challenging pain issues to deal with while doing her therapy at Summa Rehab. Because the physicians were able to address her pain issues on a daily basis they were able to be controlled. Marie reports that her pain control is extremely improved! Marie said, ”I have never been to a more caring and family oriented facility in all my years of visiting patients. The staff truly works as a TEAM, you welcome and encourage the family and friends to participate in the patients care. No matter what time of the day it is the staff is always accommodating.” Marie was also impressed that there is a specific system to alert nurses of patients pain needs. She said she never had to wait to receive pain meds and they were always delivered quickly. Marie said that she appreciated the communication between physicians, nursing and therapy team members to include her family in pertinent conversations. Marie is excited about her progress, she gets to leave a week earlier than anticipated because she has progressed so quickly! She said that she has to have knee surgery next and will be looking forward to coming back for her rehab!

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