Elizabeth lives in California. She was excited to fly to Hudson, OH to attend her daughter’s wedding. She had landed safely and traveled to her daughter’s favorite restaurant in the Cleveland area. Elizabeth suffered a severe stroke shortly after entering the restaurant. Her daughter discovered her and from there she was rushed to a prominent Cleveland Hospital. There she received life sustaining care on a ventilator. She was diagnosed with an intracerebral hemorrhage caused by uncontrolled hypertension. As a result, she had right hemiparesis with Aphasia. She was hospitalized for a few weeks before being referred to Summa Rehab Hospital in Akron. Elizabeth participated in Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies to regain her lost motor skills and strength. Elizabeth was cleared to discharge 21 days after her admission to Summa Rehab Hospital, she credits that to “friends and family that visited often and the therapy team at Summa Rehab Hospital.” Elizabeth was motivated to get back home to enjoy the things that she loved. Elizabeth recommends Summa Rehab for any patient needing an acute rehab facility! “All of the staff was great; Amanda, Wendy, and Jennifer (my therapists) were especially great, I love them all”, she said. Elizabeth is now back in California cooking and enjoying the labor of tending her rose garden.

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