Bill and Karen

Bill and Karen Wolfe live in Oregon. They bought an RV so they could enjoy their retirement and travel the country. They left from Oregon and stopped in Vegas, Denver, St. Louis, and Nashville before they arrived in Akron, OH to visit Bill’s brother. Upon arriving in Akron, Karen suffered a left hemi paralysis stroke with spinal compression fractures and was admitted to Akron City Hospital. Once she was ready to begin her rehabilitation, Summa Rehab Hospital assisted Karen in regaining function, strength and motor skills. Karen has done very well in her therapy program and loves it at Summa Rehab! Karen said that “Everyone greets her with a smile every day and they treat her very nice”. Bill said” I feel very fortunate to have had this happen here in Akron”, “I do not think that she could have made the progress she has if this would have happened at home”. The therapy department used the RV to do an assessment of Karen’s abilities. They used spaced retrieval techniques to assist her in entering/exiting the RV safely. Karen completed her therapy program in 11 days and is looking forward to going back home. Bill and Karen can now set off on their 5 day trip back home with full confidence that Karen will be able to enjoy their trip and return to their independent lifestyle.

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