Mary E.

Mary Ellen lives in Stow and has 6 brothers and sisters. They gather at her mother’s house every Sunday for a big family meal. There are typically 36 people in attendance for that meal. Mary Ellen was admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital with a left total knee replacement. She battled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a previous right ankle break that was not healed completely. Mary Ellen said, “Dr. Ford was wonderful with his bedside manner and the way he accommodated my special needs.” She said that James, her therapist, showed her she could work toward her goal and he helped her achieve results from the very first therapy session. Mary Ellen’s daughter was to attend her very first homecoming dance the day after she admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital. The staff was very accommodating and helped her prepare an area in the Day room for homecoming photos. Mary Ellen was more than impressed with the staff and the facility! She said that the nurses were very patient and attentive to her needs. Mary Ellen was at Summa Rehab Hospital for 5 days before returning to what she loves doing the best; spending time with her family and tending her garden. Mary Ellen will tell you that Summa Rehab Hospital is the best place to go for a comprehensive rehabilitation program that achieves results, quickly. She said, “I am so thankful that I chose Summa Rehab Hospital, they treated me as a whole person, helped me make gains, and helped me overcome the obstacles that have been plaguing me for over a year now.”

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