Bob had quadruple bypass heart surgery in August of 2017, and the surgeons discovered an issue with his gall bladder. Due to rupture complications from the gall bladder, he had several emergent surgeries, in which he flat-lined two times, and needed numerous tubes placed. He originally chose Summa Health for his cardiac surgery. He said “Summa is my hospital. There was never a need for any choice”. He said, “If I am sick or my wife gets sick, we will come back to Summa, no question!” After 90 days in the ICU at Summa Health, Bob needed to go to Select Specialty Hospital for 14 days; then he chose to come to Summa Rehab Hospital for his intense therapy program. He said, “In my time at Summa Rehab I always felt like I was treated like family.” Bob recalled that everyone was always so nice and encouraging. He said, “the food staff, the aids, the students, PT/OT, doctors; everyone just told me to do the best I could and that would be good enough for them. They were all so encouraging every single day.” Bob spent a lot of his time in the apartment ADL suite at Summa Rehab Hospital. He practiced getting in and out of bed, using the kitchen appliances, shower transfers, and toileting. After 90 days in ICU, Bob was reconditioned and had to relearn everything so he could go home. Bob recalled, “I was worried that I would not be able to do enough; but one day I would do well and the next day maybe not as good. I just kept doing the best I could every day, and now I am going home today, almost 6 months after my first surgery!” Bob said that his advice for anyone in his situation would be, ”listen to the people caring for you. They are the experts, and just do your best everyday. “

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