Ally was simply walking down her stairs when she had an accident. She fell from the top of the steps all the way to the bottom. She was home alone and it was ten minutes before anyone knew she was in trouble. Ally was found lying at the base of the stairs with blood coming from both of her ears. Her dear friend took her to the hospital where Ally was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She was in an induced coma for about a week. When she was stable she admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital and began her recovery process. She said that Derek her therapist, and Bree her nurse, “really took great care of me and did an excellent job." She also said, “I was excited to learn to cook again and work on the skills that would help me get back to work as a waitress.” The therapy staff (Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies) all worked on skills that would assist Ally on her return to independence at home and work. Ally has had a lot of community support through her ordeal as well. Tim’s Pizzeria and Pub held a “Rally for Ally” fundraising event and B’s Backyard BBQ also held a fundraiser for her at the Tallmadge VFW, all to help raise money for Ally’s medical expenses which she deeply appreciated and needed. Ally will return to work in full capacity in a few short weeks, and she will then take her driving test so she can be more independent and get back to her life. She feels that Summa Rehab Hospital helped set her up for success and got her back to better after her injury.

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