John and his family set out on a family ski trip to a local ski slope this past January. The day was going well and everyone was having fun until the accident happened. John had went off of a ramp towards the bottom of the hill and hit awkwardly. As he lay there trying to get up he had immense pain in his shoulder and his pelvic area when he tried to move. He was transferred to the Summa Health ER where he found out that he had shattered his pelvis and dislocated his shoulder because of that bad landing. There were 15 pelvic pieces that would need to be reconstructed, and his shoulder would need to be put back in place. This was very concerning since John, swims daily, bikes, runs and plays golf: he is a very active family man. This helped drive his determination to recover and ultimately led to his decision to come to Summa Rehab Hospital. John has nothing but great things to say about the staff at Summa Rehab and the care they took to help him get back to better. Dr. Sanderson, Summa Rehab Hospital Medical Director, remained positive and uplifting, assuring John he would again be able to ski and do the things he loved doing when his recovery was complete. John says that his short stay at Summa Rehab Hospital “was a lifesaver”, and “ all the staff were so nice and motivational, taking excellent care of me”. John was using crutches in June, and progressed to only using a cane by August. By mid-August he was not using any assistive devices and walked into his follow up doctor appointment! John has returned to swimming daily, as well as golfing, and bike riding. His goal is to return to that ski slope by January of 2021.

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