Darrell S.

Darrell is a 28-year-old, hard-working father of three small children. He had an accident on his youngest daughter’s birthday that landed him in the hospital. The accident left him with head trauma, hearing loss, inability to walk, headaches caused by bright lights, and short-term memory loss. Consequently, Darrell’s world was changed very quickly, and he was left questioning how he was going to get back to normal. Summa Rehab Hospital was the answer to that question. Darrell said that the staff helped him stay motivated to “do better.” He attributed the motivational and healing atmosphere to his quick return to being able to do the things most 28-year-olds take for granted. According to Darrell, “The therapists helped me to quickly build my strength back up and that gave me hope and inspiration to continue getting stronger.” Darrell has had a quick recovery process at Summa Rehab Hospital and states “I really like it here. Everyone is so nice to me. They take care of me and make sure I have what I need. They are all so sweet and caring.” Darrell is extremely happy to be going home to see his children whom he has not seen for almost a month. He is looking forward to continuing his recovery process, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spending time with his kids and his fiancée, and eventually returning to work. Summa Rehab Hospital strives to help patients like Darrell get back to better every day!

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