In June, Claudia awoke to severe chest pain. Her doctor had previously told her that she would need to have bypass surgery in the future. She was taken to Summa Akron City Hospital where she was put under the care of Dr. Espinal. He performed a quadruple bypass surgery on Claudia. Claudia was anxious about where she would be placed for her rehabilitation and told everyone she only wanted to come to Summa Rehab Hospital. Claudia had been at Summa Rehab earlier in the year to rehab from a stroke, so her trust in the team was paramount in her desire to come back. After a few short days Claudia was given the news that she qualified to come to Summa Rehab. She wept tears of joy at the opportunity to come back and do rehab again. Claudia trusted the team at Summa Rehab Hospital to manage her recovery. Claudia said that while she was going through her rehabilitation her friends and family members came to visit and thought she was in a hotel. They would tell her, “Everyone is so nice here, they all greet you and smile at you when you walk in, or as you come off of the elevator; they are all so nice.” Claudia agrees, and she said that Derek and Karen were both excellent therapists. She said, “Karen would encourage me to do better every day, that kind of hope and support is uplifting and made me feel like I could do what was being asked of me!” As part of Claudia’s Occupational Therapy session she had to prepare a small meal. She chose to make a fruit cup and share it with the therapists. Claudia says she wants to “Live a life of purpose, so that her grandchildren and great grandchildren can follow her example if they have to face anything difficult in their lives.” After Claudia was done taking pictures with all of the therapy staff she got to go home. Summa Rehab Hospital helped her get back to better.

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