Kathleen B.

Kathleen was excitedly explaining to her husband Wayne how great her pottery class was when Wayne noticed her speech was slurred, suspected a stroke and called 911. An ambulance took Kathleen to the local hospital where a stroke was confirmed and she was transferred to Summa Health Akron City Hospital where she spent the next week before going to Summa Rehab Hospital for rehabilitation. The stroke affected Kathleen’s dominant left side. She couldn’t feel her left arm, couldn’t move her left leg and needed 2 people to assist her in ambulating. She also could only consume thin liquids. Her speech was slurred and the left side of her face was drooping. Four weeks later Kathleen can stand with her cane with someone standing close by. She can control her left arm and lift her left leg. Kathleen also is speaking clearly and no longer has left side mouth droop. Kathleen and Wayne credit the team at Summa Rehab Hospital, specifically her physical, speech and occupational therapists, Michaella, Amanda, Sarah, Kimberly, and Rachel. Kathleen recalls the emotional day when she had a breakthrough, “I was able to control my hand and keep it from rolling off the ball; everyone started to cry.” Kathleen talks about the importance of many repetitions on specialty equipment such as the FES Bike, car transfer simulator and the treadmill. The focus on safety through practicing the ADL’s of showering has helped prepare her for the journey home. Wayne, who has been by her side every step of the way, looks forward to the day she can come back home with him. Kathleen also looks forward to continuing her volunteer work at Summa Health Hospice and returning to her pottery class. Summa Rehab Hospital was able to get Kathleen back to better and back home for the holidays.

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