Barbara is a devoted grandmother and cares for her grandchildren on a regular basis. However, back pain and subsequent leg numbness was making it increasingly difficult. Unable to walk without pain and experiencing frequent falls, Barbara realized it was time to have the back surgery she had been putting off. After surgery, it was recommended that she come to Summa Rehab Hospital to recover. Barbara’s preference was to go home, but she quickly realized the benefits of being at Summa Rehab Hospital, stating, “I needed to go there. They taught me how to do things better than before and to be self-sufficient.” During her stay, emphasis was placed on fall prevention strategies and learning techniques that would help Barbara stay safe once she went home. Barbara says, “My Physical Therapist Michaela was very helpful and friendly. She showed me how to use my stronger leg first before my weaker leg when using stairs.” Her Occupational Therapist Courtney showed Barbara various methods to utilize when showering, standing and picking up objects so that she would not hurt herself. Courtney also helped Barbara utilize a special gadget to assist in putting on her socks and shoes. Barbara states, “Everything they taught me is helping all the way around.” Barbara is super satisfied with the therapy and education she received at Summa Rehab Hospital. She is home now and able to go up and down her stairs alone. She also has resumed taking care of her two granddaughters and sees them almost every day. This makes Barbara very happy and she credits Summa Rehab Hospital with getting her back to better.

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