Bob H.

Bob was the “King of Quick Fixes”, he ran a handyman service right here in Akron. He did any and all types of home repairs on houses and apartment complexes. One day he returned from walking his dog and fell down inside his house. Thinking he had the flu and was weak and a bit disoriented, he went upstairs and went to bed. When he failed to show up promptly to pick up his son the next morning, his family knew something had to be wrong. They drove him to Akron City Hospital where it was determined he had a stroke due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Bob says he was very well taken care of at the Summa Health ICU and soon he was stable to start his rehab, he was referred to Summa Rehab Hospital for rehabilitation. Due to the stroke affecting his left side, Bob could not stand when he arrived at Summa Rehab Hospital. He credits his therapists James and Erica for their expertise, positive reinforcement and encouragement. They were saying, “Bob, you’re doing good.” “They both have a good sense of humor which also helped keep me positive during my recovery.” “Heather was always helpful and positive as well”, Bob said. The Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike helped Bob by moving his affected left leg and arm and keeping the muscles stimulated to reduce spasticity. He also credits Vicki and Dr. Sanderson for working together to get his blood pressure back to normal. Bob recently returned home and is now walking with a cane. He is able to get out of bed and dress himself and confidently walk up to the 2nd floor of his house. He is able to move his left arm and is receiving home therapy to further improve function so that he can return to his work as a handyman. Bob plans on attending the next session of the Stroke Support Group meeting at Summa Rehab Hospital, and maybe invite his son to come as well. The team at Summa Rehab Hospital helped Bob get back on his feet and get back home.

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