Ben is a 36-year-old father of three and husband to his loving wife, Nou. Ben suffered a stroke on 11/3 and lost the use of his right side. Nou identified the signs and symptoms of stroke right away and called an ambulance. When asked which hospital she wanted to take her husband to, Nou steadfastly proclaimed Summa Health. Ben underwent a few procedures with the Summa stroke team and experienced quick and impressive results. He could sit up in a chair by himself three days after the stroke! Ben was determined to get back to his independence as fast as possible. On 11/16, the Summa stroke team cleared Ben to begin intensive rehab at Summa Rehab Hospital. Nou has been working with the therapists during rehab, learning the ins-and-outs to help her husband along his journey to recovery. Nou, speaking for Ben, said they were thankful for the nursing staff because they do a wonderful job and the speech therapy team because they made so much progress with Ben, as well as giving them additional exercises to help Ben form more words. They are also thankful for the physical and occupational therapy teams who have given Ben extra therapy when time allowed so he could get back to better faster. Ben is all smiles, and happy to be going home, knowing he will be safe and he can finish his rehab at home with the training and support he received at Summa Rehab Hospital. Ben’s three children: Arabella, 11, Sophia, 8 and Isaac, 4 (pictured here), are all anxious to have their Dad return back home for the holidays.

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