Brett has always led a very active life – playing football and basketball, cross-fit training, competing in marathons and triathlons and his passion, bicycling. He noticed his limitations when certain movements, like box jumping and standing from a squatting position, became increasingly difficult. Years of gel and steroid joint injections were no longer effective, and his physician told him it was time for knee replacement surgery. Brett chose to have both knees done at once so that he could get back to his activities as soon as possible. Dr. Sanderson, Medical Director at Summa Rehab Hospital and a friend of Brett’s, suggested he rehab there to ensure the best and most efficient outcome possible. After insurance approval, Brett started his recovery at Summa Rehab Hospital. Brett states, “Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Nagy are great and very knowledgeable. Leary, an RN, is fantastic. The nurses and aides have been phenomenal as well.” “They explain medications, help me describe my pain level, and have incessantly filled my ice bag. Marissa, my OT, is helping me work through my plan, keeping me energized and motivated.” Brett states “She (Marissa) is very intentional and creative, so I am not doing the same therapies over and over.” Asia, a PT, is “super kind and organized and is keeping me moving in the right direction. Everyone has been genuine and caring.” The result of all this hard work is showing. After only five days, Brett is now able to go up and down stairs independently. Brett explains, “I want to get back to normal. I want to take care of my kids, drive and do what I want to do.” For someone at Brett’s high fitness level, that means going above and beyond. No doubt Brett will be back on his bike in no time thanks to the excellent doctors, nurses and therapists at Summa Rehab Hospital.

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