Verona is a very active mother and grandmother who takes care of her house and yard work including remodeling, putting in floors and building a desk. She was taking down her outdoor Christmas decorations on New Years Day and she fell off a ladder onto a 4x4 and was not able to move. A neighbor found her and called 911 and she was taken to the trauma unit where she was found to have 4 compound fractures of her tibia, fibula, radius and ulna. She had multiple surgeries and remained in the trauma unit for 14 days. Verona then came to Summa Rehab Hospital to further recover and learn how to get around in order to be safe at home. Verona credits her physical therapist Erin. She states Erin was fantastic and really got her moving using creative exercises that she is able to do at home now. The hand exercises helped her be able to close her fingers and now she is typing as well as she ever did. When her strength and balance improved, Verona was able to begin using a scooter to get around. The director of therapy allowed her to take the scooter home until the one Verona had on order arrived. This enabled Verona to be able to go home and be independent. Verona says, “ The occupational therapists helped with my daily showers, dressing and even knew how to take apart and put together my wound vac.” Verona returned to work from her home the following Monday after she was discharged. Verona was thankful she could get around on the scooter and just recently her home therapist gave her the green light to go upstairs by herself. She looks forward to putting out her outdoor furniture this summer and playing with her grandchildren. She feels very fortunate she was able to come to Summa Rehab Hospital and get back to better quickly.

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