Debra D.

Debra was driving home from work one afternoon and began to feel odd. She pulled over into an empty parking lot feeling panicked and uneasy and called 911. An ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital. Debra had suffered a stroke. Debra lost the use of her left arm and leg as well as some cognition. She was having trouble remembering things and concentrating. Debra has worked as a loan coordinator for the past 20 years and must concentrate and focus on many things all at once to perform her job. Debra was admitted to Summa Rehab Hospital and began a well-rounded program of sessions with physical, occupational and speech therapists. To get her back to normal as quickly as possible, Debra worked on specific neuro exercises to help reconnect the synapses in her brain and improve her concentration and focus as she worked with our speech therapists. She has made large gains in cognition, as well as the use of her left arm. She will discharge home and continue her exercises to get her leg working again. Debra said that she is “focusing on what she can do and not what she can’t”. Her goal is to make progress every day and keep doing the things the team at Summa Rehab Hospital taught her. She was appreciative of the help from the entire staff but wanted to recognize a few that went above and beyond to keep her working hard and kept her motivated: Michaela, Brenda, Abby, Kate and Sarah. She wanted to say thank you and let all the staff know she would be back in a short while to show them that she did what they trained her to do and she has been successful in fully recovering from her stroke and getting back to better.

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