Arlin H.

Arlin had the misfortune of being involved in a tragic motorcycle accident during the COVID pandemic. He was in bad shape and lost his ability to do much of anything. He had been to Summa Rehab Hospital in the recent past for intensive therapy, so he knew exactly where he wanted to come to get better and get back home. The accident left him with 7 broken ribs, multiple breaks in his Tibia, Fibula, and ankle, and he had lost consciousness from the head injury during the accident. Arlin said, “There was no question of where I was going! Every time I have been to Summa Rehab Hospital I have been treated excellently. The staff makes you feel comfortable, and there is never a question of what is going to happen to you next; they always tell you what to expect.” Arlin said that he appreciated so many staff members for their care and attention but a few stood out. Abby really made him feel great when he mentioned to her that the exercise she was attempting was causing him an immense amount of pain. He appreciated that Abby adjusted her plan for the day and went a different route with his exercises that day. Michela was great at recognizing his mood and did her best to keep him motivated and on track, so he could get back home as soon as possible. Arlin wanted to thank the CEO, Michelle Dudek for allowing visitors during his stay. Many rehab hospitals were not allowing visitors during that time. His mood was brightened because of the visitor policy and being able to see his family while he was recovering. Arlin says that every day he is working through his pain, and becoming more and more independent. Arlin says, “Thank you” to the Summa Rehab Hospital staff that have taken such good care of him and helped him get back up on his feet. Arlin says he is taking things “day by day, and dealing with things as they come”. Summa Rehab Hospital helped Arlin get back to better.

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