John W.

John noticed a nagging pain in his abdomen area when he was walking or after he finished landscaping work. The pain grew more intense, and more frequent. John went to the doctor, but no specific cause was found. John soldiered on, managing through the pain until one day, his legs gave out inside his home, and he could not move. He lost control over his entire body from the waist down. He was taken to the hospital and found that he had a lumbar spinal cord fragment compression, which caused him to become paraplegic. He underwent testing and then several spinal surgeries with Dr. Anton and hoped for the best. He chose to come to Summa Rehab hospital for his rehabilitation. The day he arrived he was in a dark place facing the loss of using his lower extremities. John is a very active man and this devastating affliction would cost him his independence. He had a visit with the medical director, Dr. Sanderson, who told John that he would be at Summa Rehab Hospital for about two weeks. ”Two weeks?!” thought John, “I can only wiggle my big toe, there is no way I will be able to walk and go home in two weeks!” But John trusted his therapy team and developed a great bond with them. Together, they celebrated each success John made every day. They built upon those successes and John continued to progress, and within two weeks he was walking. Now at home, John is using a cane. He has returned to his passion, landscaping, and life is getting back to normal. John said,“ I am glad I am done with rehab, but honestly, I miss the incredible support I received in the rehab gym.” John is looking forward to continuing his progress and is thankful he came to Summa Rehab Hospital so he could get back to his life.

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