About a year ago, Mark had one of the most devastating strokes and considers himself lucky to be alive. He spent a few weeks at Summa Rehab Hospital where everyone got to know Pastor Mark. After a recent cranioplasty, Mark elected to return to Summa Rehab Hospital where everyone knew his name. When Mark arrived at Summa Rehab Hospital he was not able to walk. He worked very hard with the physical therapist and the specialized equipment at Summa Rehab Hospital. His wife, Kathy says “three weeks later Mark’s walking improved massively.” Since the stroke occurred on the left side, Mark also had a significant speech impairment called aphasia. Aphasia is an inability to comprehend or formulate language because of damage to specific brain regions. Lauren is one of the speech therapists at Summa Rehab Hospital. She knew that Mark would need every benefit available to help him. Kathy says, “Lauren fought very hard and utilized different avenues to obtain a device for him that his insurance wasn’t covering.” Working tirelessly on her own time, Lauren was able to get Mark a speech-generating device(SGD). This device helps to improve speech and express what you want to say when your words fall just short. Most individuals see improvements over a five month period. Mark and Kathy are fortunate to have their two grown sons living with them while they are establishing their careers. Kathy is very encouraged by what she has seen the SGD device to so far. She has been able to have a conversation with Mark as the device enables Mark to ask questions. She looks forward to being able to have more conversations with her husband going forward and is thankful to Summa Rehab Hospital for making this happen.

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