A U.S. veteran, Calvin is retired and lives alone at his Akron residence. He was home alone when he suffered a stroke, but fortunately had the ability to call 9-1-1 immediately. He was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and evaluated for a couple days. The stroke left Calvin unable to walk on his own and he had very little function on his dominant right side. It was recommended for him to rehabilitate at Summa Rehab Hospital. Calvin spent 24 days at Summa Rehab Hospital and is now able to walk on his own and lift his right arm. “The functional electrical stimulation bike helped me recover,” Calvin said. The FES bike works by utilizing an electrical impulse to stimulate limbs and restore voluntary function. “Everyone that worked in PT recovery was great. Everyone worked well with me,” Calvin added. He also stressed that his internal motivation helped him recover and keeps him motivated to continue improving every day. Since he lives alone, Calvin states that “it is very important for me to be self-sufficient.” Calvin’s very rapid improvement was remarkable—a credit to his hard work and the expertise and equipment at Summa Rehab Hospital. Calvin continues to work with outpatient therapy and fine tune his right arm. He is very thankful for the opportunity to recover at Summa Rehab Hospital.

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