Dillon was out and about one evening and found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dillon’s evening ended in an altercation leaving a .40 caliber bullet lodged in his neck. He was taken to Summa Health for his mortal wounds. When in the ICU, Dillon was told that he “needed to be prepared to lose his ability to walk and use his right arm.” After hours of surgery, many staples, and a lot of pain management effort, Dillon was in recovery. Dillon said that while he was in the hospital he became “sad and depressed that this had happened to him.” After a few days, Dillon began feeling his foot and his leg, which helped lift his spirits. He transferred to Summa Rehab Hospital to start an intensive therapy program and was amazed at the support he received. His night shift nurse was very attentive, his therapists were extremely encouraging, and the common theme was that no one would let him give up. Dave and Michaela in Occupational Therapy helped Dillon make great strides in the week that he was at Summa Rehab. He learned safety techniques to follow as he continued to heal. Dillon began seeing increased progress every day, and after a few days at Summa Rehab he was using a cane to walk. Dillon said that “everyone here has been very nice and very supportive,” adding, “I learned exercises specific to my injury that will help me heal safely.” The day Dillon discharged back home, he was able to move his thumb and forefinger, as well as raise his right arm a few inches off his lap. Dillon walked up and down steps in the therapy gym, and had regained use of his leg, while on his way to regaining the use of his arm. The bullet is still lodged in Dillon’s neck. A fraction of an inch either way and Dillon would not have been able to be a success story. Summa Rehab Hospital was able to help Dillon get back home and get back to better.

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