When Jeffrey accidentally stepped into a hole, he shattered his knee cap and the lower part of his femur bone. This led to multiple surgeries including a knee replacement and partial femur replacement. Unfortunately, a couple months later an infection set in. Efforts to eradicate the infection were unsuccessful, and Jeffrey's leg was amputated above-the-knee. Two months later, Jeffrey received his prosthesis. At his follow up appointment, it was determined he was in need of therapy for gait training and to maximize function and mobility with his prosthesis. His physician recommended Summa Rehab Hospital. Jeffrey states that when he came to Summa Rehab Hospital he required crutches and could barely use his prosthesis. His therapist, Jamie, thought outside-the-box to come up with assistive devices that worked best for him. Jamie also helped Jeffrey by having him use a machine called Lite Gait. This machine reduces weight bearing to assist in walking with a prosthesis. Now Jeffrey can walk with a Loftstrand crutch with minimal assistance. His activity level and abilities have also greatly improved. Jeffrey says, “Jamie was amazing and from what I’ve seen [all the staff] are all great.” As Jamie suggested, Jeffrey will be going to outpatient therapy near his home. He hopes to walk without assistance in the near future. Jeffrey will also be attending Dr. Ford’s Amputee Clinic at Summa Rehab Hospital. The clinic supports patients with amputations in the community. Jeffrey states that “Dr. Ford is a great doctor,” and the team at Summa Rehab Hospital are “thorough, genuine, caring people.”

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