Kyle, 23, was pursuing his lifelong passion -- auto body painting and repair. On March 15th, Kyle’s vehicle was hit head-on by a Jeep Cherokee. This tragic accident fractured his C6 vertebrae and left him paralyzed. Kyle needed extensive surgery to fuse his spine from C4 to T1 and was given a 50/50 chance of ever walking again. One week following his surgery and still unable to move, Kyle was transferred to the fabulous team at Summa Rehab Hospital. So many amazing people helped him on his journey that it is impossible to mention each one. As Kyle says, “Everyone was phenomenal.” Tuto, his nurse, and Abbey, his therapist, were very motivating for Kyle. Abbey utilized the Functional Electrical Stimulation bike and the Lite Gait treadmill to accelerate his recovery. After a few days and a lot of intensive training, the Summa Rehab Therapy team inspired him to stand up utilizing a lap belt. Kyle would also like to thank Tonia, his hospital “mom”, and Melvin who made it possible for him to rest comfortably through the night and be ready to focus on therapy the following day. The combination of personal touch, motivation and high-tech equipment enabled Kyle to leave Summa Rehab Hospital walking only with a cane. Four months later, Kyle is walking without a cane and continues his outpatient therapy to improve the residual weakness in his left arm. Kyle believes he will continue to improve so that he can return to his passion of auto body painting and repair. Kyle states, “I recommend Summa Rehab Hospital 100%. It was my home away from home.”

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